Gebäude für Vereinsbüro, Bildungsraum und Bibliothek

In order for an organization to benefit from certain advantages and to receive appropriate recognition and support from the government, it is necessary to register the organization in Tanzania. However, this is only possible through a physical office on site. With the recognition of the association in Tanzania, for example, the procurement of materials would become significantly cheaper and it would also be much easier to win local people as association members who could support our project coordinator on site.

The above reasons, among others, finally prompted us to construct a building with three rooms. A small room will be used as an office, where we can also put the already existing printer (see “Project BigResultsNow”) for the local schools. We would like to use the other two rooms for workshops and as a public library. This will offer the possibility that knowledge in various areas such as agriculture, computer science, crafts, etc. can be passed on to children and young people, but also to adults, independently of the schools. Even buying a book remains a dream for many people in Tanzania. But how can one better acquire knowledge than about books? With the library we would like to offer access to knowledge from all over the world and promote the joy of reading and learning with books suitable for children.

Work on the building is currently in progress. The land on which we are allowed to erect our building was signed over to us by the father of our project coordinator Seraphine Mngullu. It is important to him to support us in the valuable work we do for his community. We are of course very happy about this. During the excavation work for the office building, a large boulder suddenly appeared unexpectedly, which first had to be laboriously removed with muscle power. This additional effort meant that the costs ended up being slightly higher than originally budgeted. So far, the expenses for this project amount to CHF 6,051.07. Additional costs will be incurred for the completion of the roof and for the furnishings.

Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie dieses Projekt mit einer finanziellen Zuwendung unterstützen würden!

Vielen Dank!